Top 10 Compliants noted by the California Commission on Disability Access

The following list was compiled by the California Commission on Disability Access.  No surprise that top few most common out of compliant items that people complained about were all related to parking.

Parking is the easiest to spot item — so it’s often the area most lawsuits revolve around.

1 Parking Spaces. Existing parking space(s) are not compliant.
2 Passenger Loading Zones. Passenger loading zones/van access aisles are not compliant.
3 Number of Spaces. Parking lot does not contain minimum number of accessible parking spaces.
4 Ground Surfaces. Routes to and from parking lot are not accessible.
5 Signage. Signage in parking lot is not compliant. E.g., parking spaces need to be designated as reserved by a sign showing the symbol of accessibility.
6 Access Aisles. Access aisles within building are not accessible. E.g., dining or work surfaces are not on an accessible route.
7 Access Height. Heights of surfaces such as counters or bars are not compliant.
8 Grab Bars. Grab bars in bathroom are non-existent, or existing grab bars are not compliant.
9 General Door. Entdy doors are not accessible.
10 Lavatories and Mirrors. Lavatories and mirrors in bathroom are not accessible.


See the full page here:

For tips about parking look under our accessibility tips under “parking space”:


118 Replies to “Top 10 Compliants noted by the California Commission on Disability Access”

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