Accessolution LLC is a private California based Corporation in the Los Angeles Area providing one service. We specialize in CASp Inspections. This means that we will go to your site, perform a thorough accessibility assessment, at the end of which, you will receive a report or a certificate.

All places of public accommodation need to be compliant with both the Federal Accessibility laws (usually Americans with Disabilities Act or UFAS) and any local (state) building code at the time of permit. The loophole in this situation is that while local building authorities, being state entities, check for state code, they often ignore the Federal laws — because being state entities, enforcing Federal code is out of their jurisdiction. Of course, we help you cover these loopholes.

So while every site can use our service, we recognize that stakeholders may come from a different needs basis for disabled access compliance:

  1. Some of you have been sued and need to verify the claims.
  2. Many of you are in the process of getting a permit and want expertise in ADA compliance, to do it right.
  3. Some of you are afraid of being sued.
  4. A few of you are negotiating property and getting this report is a term of sale or lease.
  5. Some of you are doing construction or repaving and seek to make sure that you get the work done right.

For each situation, we offer different solutions but with the goals of meeting your situation and getting your site compliant.

CASp can help you with legal protection from lawsuits, and help you comply with the disabled access codes if you are in California.

Whatever your needs are, in the archives below, we’ve posted hundreds of articles with the latest news on disabled access compliance, ADA lawsuits and ADA legislation.