Happy Accessible Clients is our Goal

It’s always good to feel appreciated.  A huge part of providing our professional service lies in how happy and grateful our clients are.

In particular, a project we worked on with a non-profit last year has proved fruitful.  They had us perform an inspection, determine a scope of work, and then did construction to become compliant.  By doing so, they fulfilled the local building authority’s requirements for accessibility and can now serve the public.

Friends of Culver City Scout House is pleased to announce the grand re-opening of the Culver City Scout House. The ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Friday June 7, 2013. Guests included Culver City Mayor Jeff Cooper, the City Council, City Staff, members of BSA Troop 113 and the Culver City Rock and Mineral Club (CCRMC).

The Scout House has served the community for over 70 years. In 2009, a group of concerned citizens formed the non-profit Friends of Culver City Scout House (FOCCSH) in an effort to perform much-needed repairs and save the building. Working together with City officials, the FOCCSH came up with a plan to raise funds and perform the required renovations. The renovations were all done at no cost to the City. The restored facility is shared use, with the City receiving the majority of available hours.

Friends of Culver City Scout House express their appreciation to the following companies for the generosity of time and materials: Stock Building Supply, Timberland Tree Company, Mobile Mini and Bee Capture. Special thanks to Yours Truly Accessibility Corporation and The Architech Group for their expertise in accessibility compliance.

Original Link here: http://www.crescentbaybsa.info/culver-city-scout-house-reopens/

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