Federal or State Court?

One of the rising issues with ADA lawsuits is some of the confusion over State and Federal court. Since businesses could be sued under either, there needs to be more comprehensive strategies in how to deal with such ADA litigation.

Below is an article that addresses some of these problems without giving a clear solution.

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It’s a very clear article.

But then, why is there a lack of a legal solution? There isn’t a clear solution as your strategy will depend on the size of your business. However your attorney pay spin a situation, or deploy a strategy to help you, the facts always remain that a violation is a violation.

Now while you may not be legally required to fix all violations (some being too cost prohibitive), you are best off fixing items that you can fix.

So what should you fix?

It is this reason that the first step to compliance is… *drum roll please *… getting a comprehensive assessment as to what your violations are. After that you can start to fix the violations that trouble you.

We can do accessibility assessment for you.

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