ADA lawsuits are in the rise throughout the country

We’ve posted hundreds of articles in the few years that our website has been up.

This article is typical in detailing how lawsuits are yet, on the rise again.

This time, the article is about a smaller town in the great state of Illinois.

While our company does work primarily in South California, this is a good review of how these litigious situations in California arose.

Grooming Unleashed is one of more than a dozen businesses Straw sent the correspondence to a few weeks ago. His demand letters have created a stir among members of the village’s business community, many of whom are suspicious of his intentions. The executive director of the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce even called police after getting the letter, worried it was a scam.

But disabled rights advocates and experts on ADA law say while Straw’s approach may not win him friends, what he’s doing is not illegal.

The 44-year-old Straw, a licensed attorney in Indiana and Virginia, targeted businesses in Hillbrook Square Shopping Center and Parkview Plaza, both near Streamwood and Bartlett roads.

He says Hillbrook has no handicapped parking and Parkview is lacking curb cuts and proper signage.

Straw said he is justified in sending out demand letters instead of reaching out to business owners in person, given that the ADA was passed 23 years ago and businesses have had plenty of time to comply.

He demanded $5,000 from each business owner, since, he says, an annual tax credit of that amount is available to small businesses that remove a barrier or install improved accessibility features.

“I don’t have time to go around and have a polite conversation with every one of these businesses that is not compliant,” Straw said. “I’m not here to be their friend. I’m here to make them compliant.”

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