ADA claims are back and on the rise

Here is another article detailing the state of ADA lawsuits, particularly in California.

The passage of SB1186 gave litigants a pause but there has now been sufficient time for these attorneys and their plaintiffs to figure out how to get around some of the issues.

Nonetheless, with the rise of many copy-cat litigants, they can make some basic mistakes after not understanding SB1186 and what it entails. This article is pretty good at summarizing some of the recent changes.

Disability lawyers are learning how to litigate around these new requirements and are proceeding with lawsuits seeking at least $1,000 per violation along with attorney’s fees and costs. Obstruction of disabled persons designated parking spaces, regardless of intent, is one of many new allegations dealers must face

You can read the full article below: ADA claims are back and on the rise

Worried about such a lawsuit coming your way? We can help you discover your liability! Call us at 866 982 3212 or email us at

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