Upcoming ADA Seminar @ Culver City!

Is your Business ADA Compliant? Learn about the legal liability your business has if it is not ADA Compliant. Don’t get slapped with a lawsuit over something you could have prevented!

Hosted at Four Points Sheraton (5990 Green Valley Circle in Culver City, CA) on Oct 6 @ 730am.

Click on the link below to pre-register for the event!

Culver City ADA Seminar

If you own a business, chances are it’s not 100% compliant. The only businesses which are guaranteed to be compliant are home delivery. Even then, if you accept visitors from the public in your lobby, family members of employees or event delivery personnel (who have to sign in at a counter) then you are technically open to the public.

If you think you are accessible, here’s a few items for your check list.

1. Floor Mats which are secure and do not pose a tripping hazard (glued or taped down)
2. Van Accessible Parking with an access aisle that is at least 96 inches wide.
3. A 6×6 inch ISA decal on or about your front door
4. Signage on the wall next to your restroom centered at 60 inches with raised letter, contrasting letters and grade 2 braille.
5. No door knobs anywhere. No twist hardware for the lock, for the latch or for faucets.
6. All restroom amenities are less than 40 inches from the finished floor. This means the point of operation!

If you’ve passed all 6 of these, then congrads, you’ve passed 6 of the 1300 unique checks that are part of doing an ADA Audit.

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