State of Seal Beaches in terms of ADA Compliance

Seal Beach attempts to become compliant and discovers their master plan was not as thorough as it needed to be.

Seal Beach parks are in moderate compliance with a federal law, according to the 2013 Seal Beach Parks and Community Services Master Plan.

“Federally-mandated ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) access to the city’s parks and their amenities is currently only met in moderate fashion,” the plan said. “With limited difficult terrain to restrict the achievement of this mandate, a number of the city’s parks have the potential to better serve those with physical challenges in their lives.”
The required improvements vary.

“In some cases this includes hard surface paths-of-travel from designated parking spaces to observation and activity areas, while handicap accessible picnic tables, drinking fountains, and playground surfacing can significantly improve access to several of the city’s parks’ areas,” the plan said.

Nonetheless, they are making significant efforts to determine how the can comply, and help improve the life and access of their residents.

Bravo, Seal Beach.

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