Who deserves an ADA lawsuit? Where will the next one strike? Will it be you?

The Mo’s Universe family of restaurants/bars in Hillcrest (which includes Urban Mo’s, Baja Betty’s, Gossip Grill and the Hillcrest Brewing Company) has a solid reputation in the community for being a friendly and inviting place for all people, including those with disabilities.

For example, they recently helped sponsor a grassroots effort to raise $65,000 for a local disabled volunteer, donating thousands of dollars themselves to the cause.

Original article here: http://sdgln.com/entertainment/2013/09/04/jim-winsor-out-about-ada-lawsuit-shakedown-deserving

Serial litigants strike places that are out of compliance, regardless of who they are suing. In this case, this restaurant chain’s owners were donating money, and being strong philanthropists in the community. But the business that is sued for not being ADA compliance are places of public accommodation that are out of compliance.

In this case, parking striping.

The article is correct, finding a qualified certified access specialist is of the utmost importance. The laws change often and most contractors don’t even know how to measure the space properly. Each of these dimensions are very specific… so that either you know them or you don’t. For those that don’t everything looks fine. For those that do know them — problems can be quite obvious even to the naked eye.

This means, of course, that non-compliant items are effectively “sue me” advertisements to anyone passing by.

To boot, most of the items that need to be addressed immediately are inexpensive to fix, as those are the items which are easiest for plaintiffs to claim the responsible party was “negligent”. So that’s a double whammy!

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