Businesses Sued: City of Clovis helps with ADA compliance

The following is from The Fresno Bee:

Help is on the way for Clovis business owners who have been sued over violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. On Monday night, the Clovis City Council approved a package of programs to help them meet state and federal regulations.
The program will allow the city to pay for seminars, inspections and matching loans to help business owners make necessary upgrades.
In the past six months, 45 lawsuits have been filed in federal court, many against Clovis businesses.


Also, from Clovis Independent:

Clovis to use $624,000 in federal grants
A plan to use about $624,000 in federal grant dollars — mostly to meet requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act — was approved Monday night by the Clovis City Council.

The city’s Community Development Block Grant funding also will be used for affordable housing programs, home renovation projects and a community service officer for the Clovis Police Department primarily for southwest Clovis.

Under federal block grant funding rules, the city must use the money to assist residents in low- and moderate-income communities, prevent or eliminate urban blight and meet urgent needs around the city.



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