ADA Class Action Lawsuit Against Ralphs Grocery Store

Ralphs Grocery Store is embroiled in a class action suit across California. The suit entails that Ralphs presents architectural barriers which discriminate against individuals with disabilities. Interestingly enough many disabled rights advocates oppose the settlement because it does not ensure that the various architectural barriers will be removed.

Some useful links:

“Ralphs Faces Class Action Over Disabilites Discrimination
A California-wide class action lawsuit has been certified, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act and California State discrimination laws, against Ralphs Groceries of California. The case is Sung Park, et al. v. Ralphs Grocery Company.”
Ralphs Class Action Lawsuit Over Discrimination

Settlement Information:
Settlement of Claims Against Ralphs Grocery Company for Disabled Access



Apparently the main website: is no longer online.  The organization CDR (Californians for Disability Rights) has posted a link to more information about this.  CDR opposes the settlement, so you can be sure there will be more information available from their website, including the names of the plaintiffs and the litigating attorneys.

Ralphs Settlement



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