ADA suit seeks to take a bite out of Arcadia’s Bit

More news on ADA lawsuits.

Mike Mandala knows a little bit about the Americans with Disabilities Act.

And he should.

Mainly because the two Arcadia bars he runs have been targeted by attorneys filing suits. Essentially, the suits allege his taverns violate the federal law designed to help the disabled get access.

You know: handicapped parking spots; extra-wide toilet stalls with metal rails; and signs that point out those amenities.

Mandala, part owner of The Bit on Live Oak and owner of First Cabin on Huntington Drive, was one of several local business owners blanketed with thick sheaves of legal paperwork filed on behalf of plaintiffs represented by H.J. Sims, a San Diego attorney who specializes in ADA law.

Read more here from San Gabriel Tribune

Don’t let this happen to you. Find out more about services that can help prevent litigation by helping you become compliant. ADA consultants.

Otherwise email us at or call us at 866 982 3212

227 Replies to “ADA suit seeks to take a bite out of Arcadia’s Bit”

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