ADA lawsuit in Pico Rivera Area

Don’t find yourself blindsighted.

PICO RIVERA – Audrey and Dan Miller have owned Barney’s Coffee Shop for nearly three decades.

In that time they’ve never had one complaint about whether their restaurant met the needs of their disabled patrons.

That changed just over a year ago when they were slapped with a lawsuit by a disabled man.

“It wasn’t a fun situation,” said Dan Miller, 59, about the litigation.

The Millers were sued Sept. 21, 2010 by Salvador Vargas, who claimed his rights were violated when he was at the restaurant, 4923 Rosemead Blvd., because its restroom facilities were not accessible to the disabled.

According to the lawsuit, there were no grab bars behind and beside the toilet plus the doorway to the men’s restroom and the paper towel dispenser were inaccessible.

A check of the men’s toilet at the time showed a grab bar on the side.

The Millers were surprised by the lawsuit.

“We were blindsided,” Dan Miller said.

[Original link here: San Gabriel Valley Tribune/a>]

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