Walmart is sued for point of sale machines being non-compliant

Walmart is sued for its point of sales machines being too high.

In my past experience visiting Walmart sites across the nation, I’ve been fairly impressed by how ADA Compliant most Walmarts are, in comparison to other stores. There are exceptions of course. Some Walmarts have common violations that are found in other stores, but on the whole, Walmart is exceptional, especially in the parking lot.

Being sued for point of sale machines is noteworthy however, because that’s a new service that has been catching on in the past few years. It was a matter of time before someone complained about them. So if you manage or own property that has these machines, expertise is necessary to determine just where your violations are, which is different from site to site.

Looking at a list of common violations isn’t enough, you need an expert.

You can read more at either of these two links.

Have need of an inspection? Advice on the ADA? Contact us at 866 982 3212 or email us at

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