SRS Smith, Swimming Pool Access

This is some useful information from SRS Smith which provides Swimming Pool Equipment.

They are located in Oregon and Tennessee but should be familiar with CA pool laws. Their guides are published and I have linked them below as for the Americans with Disabilities Act (2010), they are useful.

Remember, under the ADA 2010 “safe harbor” does not apply to swimming pools which need to be compliant for the new requirements effective back in Sept 15, 2010.

Accessible Swimming Pool Guide

ADA Swim Equipment Guide


So if you have a pool and any equipment associated with pools, please look at these standards and see if your pool access is ADA compliant. Also you can contact them at if you have specific Pool Questions!


As always feedback, comment and questions are appreciated.  Call me at 866 982 3212 or email me at  We want to hear your concerns, thoughts, and feedback!

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