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CASp Reports:
CASp is a program started by the state of CA to help property stakeholders achieve compliance with the law.

A CASp report entails 1) an inspection of the site in question, and 2) a detailed report that itemizes remiss conditions.

Achieving compliance doesn’t mean that a given site needs to be 100% compliant. Under the law, property stakeholders only need to comply with items that are not unreasonable hardships, given physical, code and financial constraints. Getting a CASp report is the first step to compliance. With a CASp report, you get certain legal benefits defined by the state of CA for future lawsuits.

A CASp report either covers the landlord controlled area only, or the complete public accommodation area. Landlord controlled areas are, in general, the exterior areas of a site and any common building elements such as elevators, stairs or restrooms outside tenant spaces.

The ballpark figure for a CASp report is $1,000 for exterior only inspections of strip malls under 30,000 square feet of leasable space. For a more detailed break down or for other kinds of sites, please contact us at 866 982 3212 or at

  • Peer Accessibility Plan Reviews: For stakeholders of larger sites, or or for stakeholders needing additional detail advice, our lead architect, Yung Kao offers review of plans.

UFAS Certification: UFAS is the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standard. Federally funded sites, such as housing, need to be in compliance with UFAS.

Expert Witness: In the off chance you face a lawsuit, we also offer expert witness services.

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