YTA offers CASp

We are proud to include CASp Audits as part of our offering of services.

CASp stands for Certified Access Specialist Program. It is run through the DSA, the Division State Architect.

A CASp audit does not guarantee that a site is fully compliant.  It only means that compliance is pending.  Sites that get a CASp certificate need to have an updated transition plan in place.  THIS PLAN MUST BE IMPLEMENTED and followed through.  There is a date on the CASp certificate.  If there are obvious violations and the date on the certificate is old, this can increase your liability.

Of course, having a CASp certificate can lower your liability.  It can ward off serial litigants while informing the public of you good intentions to comply with the law… CASp does not, however, guarantee that a site cannot be sued.

This is the main page for CASp:  DSA page for CASp.

Read more on professional CASp Consultants.

Also, for more information of course, read our ADA FAQ.  For information about assessing your site yourself or hiring an ADA expert, please look at our ADA Consultation page.  Or call us at 866 982 3212 x2 or email us at