ADA Lawsuits without Financial Gain

Many of the ADA lawsuits are filed by serial litigants.  There are some litigants, however, who do not seek financial gain.  Stakeholders often villianize ADA lawsuit plaintiffs, but its difficult to villianize those who don’t make money from the suit.

A former Ms. Wheelchair South Dakota is suing eight Sioux Falls businesses for making it too difficult for people with disabilities to park, shop, dine, gamble or use a restroom.

Kristina Allen, 33, wants a judge to force the businesses to adhere to the accessibility standards of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1992.

The lawsuits, filed over several days last week in the U.S. District of South Dakota, target Jacky’s Restaurant and Bakery, Boonies Bar and Barbeque, Nutty’s Pub and Grill, Black Sheep Coffee, Sixth Street Market, Golden Harvest Chinese Restaurant, The Mint Casino and Crown Casino.

Allen claims that each of the businesses discriminate against people in wheelchairs by denying equal access. She has not asked for financial damages, but wants a federal judge to order each of the businesses to renovate to come into compliance with the law.

331 Replies to “ADA Lawsuits without Financial Gain”

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